Gardening With Children

One of the biggest questions we get as gardeners is how can we get our children involved? That’s a good question that doesn’t have a real easy answer.

A generation ago it might have been easier to get your kids involved in helping in the garden. Past generations were not as reliant on technology for entertainment as our current children are. In days past children would be outside most of the time running, playing and enjoying the fresh air. The only time kids used to be inside was after dark or if the weather wasn’t good – and oh yes, a little studying too! Since children liked being outdoors it was not a huge stretch to get them to stay outside and help in the garden. In the past children would be happy to help water your garden, pull weeds and even help with planting. Today, it’s a bigger challenge, but not impossible.

The first challenge you will have to face will be to get them to step away from their technology. Put away the video games, tablet, iPad, cell phone and any other device that gets your kids attention. Once you have their attention you need to get them involved in the process. For example, if you are just starting your garden, involve them in planning it. If it is a flower garden, give them some choices for flowers and have them select some of them. The same thing if you are planting a vegetable garden. See what kind of vegetables your children like and select something that they like for planting. If they enjoy the result, they will be more invested in planting and maintenance of the vegetable.

One final way to get your children involved is to give them a project. Kids today are very plugged in online, so take advantage of their love of technology. Have them look for information for you. Have them do a science project outdoors in the garden. Anything that can tie gardening to technology will surely get the attention of your children.

Most of us have children and we have involved them in even the smallest ways in gardening. We came up with a few web pages that may be helpful in getting your kids involved as well. Hope they help and hope your family enjoys helping in the garden!