Club Information

Back in 1994, a group of residents of the Kensington Place neighborhood got together over a cookout at Betty and Alex Bennett’s home. Over hot dogs and hamburgers, and no doubt some adult beverages, a discussion took place about gardening, landscaping and flower upkeep. During the discussion it came out that each of the families had different ideas and strengths about gardening. So, that night they decided to put their collective knowledge together and help each other out.

That night an informal gardening club was formed by the Gardeners of Kensington Place. The club had 8 people at the start, and it was the beginning of an awesome experience in gardening. On a monthly basis they met on a rotating basis of the neighbor’s houses. When the weather was nice, the meetings were outdoors in the house’s back yards and inside when the weather didn’t cooperate.

In time some members joined the group, while others moved away and dropped out. To this day we still hold informal monthly meetings on a rotating basis in the homes of members. However, if for some reason they don’t want to host a meeting, we don’t force them to participate. The original meetings were always dinner meetings, but over time with the larger numbers of members, it has changed to meetings over coffee and dessert.

While we have never really formed any by-laws for the club, we have had grown in size and in scope. Currently we have 25 people that are involved in the club in various manners. While we don’t charge any typical club dues, we have still been part of our community efforts of gardening and gardening appreciation. We have partnered with our community promoting garden shows, beautification programs, school education programs and other events. It has been a great partnership with our neighbors, family and friends. Even though the faces may change over time, the spirit of cooperation and sharing information will continue for years to come. Here is a listing of current members:

Adam Fernandez

Mario and Pamela Baldwin

Ken and Allison Steele

Dave and Lisa Walker

Lora Blair

Pablo and Terri Pena

Daryl and Tiffani Robertson

Michael and Susan Caldwell

Gerard and Carolyn Norman

Bradley and Lisa OBrien

Cary and Rosemary Simpson

Vernon and Sherri Briggs

William Hale

Katrina Ramsey

Ray Burns