Garden and Flower Resources

In our neighborhood we are known to be flower and garden lovers. I wouldn’t call us experts, but maybe knowledgeable amateurs would be appropriate. As “experts” in the field we are often asked questions from friends, relatives, neighborhoods and even co-workers about care for your garden and lawn. We have always been willing to answer any question that people may ask.

Spreading information about gardening is fun for our group, and it helps connect us to people that share our interest in gardening. In the past we have found some great resources online that has helped members of our group, and helpful to others as well. We have always felt good about sharing this information, and we are pleased to list some of our group’s personal favorites here. While we have found these web sites helpful, we cannot guarantee the content of the websites.

So, here is the listing of garden and flower resources:

Gardening for Beginners – Information that can be useful for new gardeners and how to get started.

Kids Gardening – Web sites that can be used to help get kids motivated and interested in gardening.

Gardening Resources – Various pages which has general information about gardening at home.

Flower Resources – Home flower planting information for gardeners.

Tree Resources – A collection of web sites that offers information about trees around your home.