Thanks to the capitalist world in which we live, money is an inevitable necessity, no matter how much we deny it. And I would dare to say that in all countries the same thing happens, although of course, there are places where the lack of money and the problems to make ends meet are things of every day. Last week I was reading an article on a website called Gananci and one of the items mentioned mentioned: making money with gardening , and I said to myself, of course, why not? And I set out to investigate a little. Pristine Build Architects

It is not at all a bad idea to earn some extra money with something that you are passionate about , because in addition, you would not take it as a job, but as moments of pleasure, which incidentally, generate you extra money. And I do not mean to set up a large garden store, for which obviously having a large investment capital would be a problem, in addition to paperwork, permits … I mean small, many incomes that can make a difference in your economy as throughout the month or year.

Make money with Gardening
I am going to give you some examples to achieve this goal, and then, you decide which one can adapt to you (and the legislation of your country) and if you really dare to take these ideas out.

flower pots and flowers
gardening tasks

If you have a medium garden , surely every season you find that you harvest more than you can consume, then, because you let the excess spoil, you can sell it in street markets, shops, restaurants and even a special day in your own house, as if it were a garage sale.
Continuing with the garden, you can not only sell your fresh harvest, if you give yourself time you can do packaged, jams and pickles , and you can sell them in the same way.
If you have a hand to grow herbs, they are a booming market, more and more people are looking for the natural and organic and selling herb seedlings such as oregano, cilantro, etc. They can generate a good income.
Flowers and more flowers … Many annuals are very easy to grow and you can sell the seedlings as you would with the harvest of your garden, once again your goal is met, make money with gardening .
Is there an exotic plant in your area that is not artificially grown elsewhere? Well, take advantage! Do some research and you might be surprised at how many people in the world may be looking for a plant that is just a weed for you.
Do you have a large park? Have you ever thought of renting it for social events like weddings or birthdays?
Do you know the procedure to collect and store seeds? Well this is another great alternative to earn some money, you can sell seeds of both flowers and vegetables.
Have you learned how to make homemade , designer pots ? Sell them!
Keep other people’s gardens. If he gives you the body yet, you can do gardening tasks for other people . These types of jobs pay well and you would be doing something that you love.
Are you an expert in a particular species or a specific technique? Write a book ! You can easily sell it online and you’d be surprised what you can earn.

As you can see there are many alternatives and I know you will tell me, yes Ok, but I have to set up a whole business, it’s a lot of trouble!
You are forgetting the Internet.
The great advantage of the internet is that you can sell to everyone in a very easy and fast way, and you should not always set up an online store, you can take advantage of pages like Amazon, Ebay and the like where they have very simple systems so you can sell what want

Depending on the country where you live, your opportunities may be better or worse, but there is always some way to achieve our goal.
Can you think of other ways to make money with gardening ? Have you already tried it? Tell us in the comments your appreciations and experiences that we can surely help someone else to improve their economy by making their passion a pleasant job.