With the return, we forget very quickly the good habits taken during the marriage and we let ourselves again easily submerge by stress of divorce process Leeds. We have listed for you 5 activities with very high de-stressing power.

Sport is a great way to get rid of stress! But what is less known is that the practice of a DIY activity is an excellent anti-stress remedy.

Taking time for yourself helps you relax, so do not hesitate and give yourself effective breaks by taking one or more of these activities to relax.

An hour in the garden

Growing things has incredible virtues on morale. And that’s good; it’s time for big garden work.

After work, we put on our rubber boots and gloves and we go to the garden to evacuate the stress of the divorce process. A few minutes are enough to completely empty the head.

Do not have a garden? Feel free to decorate your balcony, make a mini vegetable garden or just install plants in the house and take care of it. Just 30 minutes a day is enough to bring some peace of mind.

2. To Knit

First, it’s super-trendy: Trico therapy is the new yoga. Stitching up helps to relieve stress, especially because you focus on the work of your fingers. So much so that we forget everything else.

Of course, we do not go into too complicated a job and we start with simple knits (plaids, scarves …) before embarking on more complex things. You’ll see, when you finish a sweater or hat, you feel so proud that you just want to start again and share your creations with others.

Be careful, knitting becomes addictive very quickly.

3. Investing the kitchen

You are not a king of stoves but you like to eat? So do not hesitate: organize yourself free beaches (without children in the legs) to cook.

Test new flavors, prepare jams, and make simple pasta of tomatoes to keep the summer sun at your fingertips throughout the winter … That’s what the kitchen holds for you.

It is not necessarily a question of concocting very elaborate dishes (even if it is not forbidden) but of taking time and pleasure to find the simple taste of things.

In addition, eating fresh and unprocessed products is great for your health!

4. Fall back to childhood with coloring

No, there is no age to color! We find more and more coloring book for adults and the results are really amazing.

Mandalas, thematic notebooks, bullet to customize … So much way to step back from your day and escape. And, if the mood allows you, why not share this activity with the kids. They will be delighted.

Do not focus on the lens and focus on the color and you will see your negative thoughts fly away as if by magic?

5. Take care of your memories

After the holidays, nothing better to cheer than to plunge into the photos with pleasure. This is an opportunity to print them while they often remain on the memory cards of cameras or smartphones.

We take the opportunity to choose a nice notebook that we feed anecdotes or drawings. Ranger, make room clear, remember … All things that can relativize and remain calm.

Then, in case of big depression, we get out his albums and we leaf through with pleasure.