London Mediation for Families to Resolve

Couple fighting in front of child

Mediation is a tool that helps in solving intense conflicts leaving behind satisfaction and calm among parties. Rather than arbitration, we can better call it a negotiation. It is an informal process. When two parties face disputes, mediation can be an easy and best option for them. It’s a hands on process in which a third party is introduced to parties facing contention. This third party facilitates exchange of information and helps them reach the conclusion. It is an opportunity for both parties involved in mediation to present their cases equally. They have fair chance to have resolution in there favor. Mediation helps in coming onto a solution that is accepted by both parties.

Mediation has vast uses. It can be used to improve industrial relations. Workplace matters can also be solved through mediation. These days mediation is very helpful in resolving family issues. Most of the times it is seen that families standby no matter what happens. However, as society is getting modern they are getting involved in heated arguments that ultimately lead to separation. Hereby mediation is best option for them. It can help in family restructuring. Mediation not only provides as a cheaper solution than fighting legal cases but also gives a sense of relief to the parties.

Mediation is seen as an emerging concept in countries like UK. There are various companies especially in London that provides mediation services. The mediations laws in UK differ by state. Certification is only given to some states. The only difference in court system and mediation is that mediation does not have legal protection. Nevertheless, due to delayed decisions of court, parties prefer mediation.

Participation in mediation is voluntary in nature. It helps in solving child custody disputes and divorce cases as well. The process is unbiased depending upon the intentions of mediator. Mediation is different in different countries because of varied languages, laws, rules and regulations. It helps in avoiding long and costly court cases. It is an undisclosed process. They help parties to reach agreement that is accepted by both. The results so taken out by mediators are not bounded on the parties. It is totally their wish to follow the resolutions passed by mediator. If they are not satisfied they can go to the court and fight there case.

The process of mediation includes listening to each other’s view point without intervention. After this issues are identified that need to be resolved. The information related to issue is shared and ideas regarding to these are identified. All the solutions that are identified are tested and finally decisions are written in agreement.

Communication gap is a big hurdle in way of solving problems. London family mediation helps in removing this gap and provides effective communication. In addition, we can sum up by saying every thing has advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, mediation consists of both but it has more advantages than disadvantages. It not only provides resolution but also provides a structure, which can be used for solving future disputes. It is less traumatic and provides as an effective means of solving disputes.