Herbicides and pesticides go hand in hand and have a somewhat similar purpose in that they are both meant to help your plants grow safely and healthily. They both eliminate threats to your plants in the garden and ensure your plants don’t come in contact with any hazardous organisms. However, they function rather differently to each other and have different targets in the field. This article will go into detail and explain what both herbicides and pesticides are, and when you need to consider using them.

The herbicide is the name given to any natural material or synthetically prepared chemical which is used to kill off weeds which are harming your plants. If weeds are ignored, or not dealt with properly, they can potentially spell the death of your beloved plants. Weeds are naturally occurring plants which are exceptionally rugged and can grow easily without any human intervention. They are quite aggressive and adept at surviving. This means that they readily grasp any resources available, including sunlight and minerals in the soil, leading your plants to become victims of malnutrition.
The best way to deal with weeds is never to let them grow in the first place by spading your soil regularly. However, if they do start getting out of hand, or if you want to prepare some ground for your plants which are covered in weeds, then you may want to use herbicides.
You can get selective herbicides for clearing weeds in your garden, leaving your plants unharmed, or if you’re clearing an entire area, then you should consider herbicides which can efficiently kill every plant in the vicinity.

Pesticides are, similar to herbicides, prepared or naturally available materials. What they differ in is that they’re designed to kill off insects which are proving harmful to your garden. It is quite common for gardens to be infected with harmful insects. They can prove to be very destructive, and if they’re given enough time, they can lay waste to your entire garden. What you can do to avoid such a scenario is to get yourself some pesticides.
Pesticides come in different levels of toxicity, however, and should be used with caution. You should judge the severity of the situation before you go in all guns blazing with your pesticides. If you can’t decide, you should get an expert to help you decide what to do.
The problem with pesticides is that they aren’t exclusive about which insects they kill. They end up killing all insects in your garden, including insects which are harmless or downright beneficial for your garden and an important aspect of its ecosystem. The use of pesticides where they aren’t needed can do more harm than good.
There are numerous natural ways of dealing with pests including introducing predators to the pesticides in your garden and should be given preference over pesticides unless the pests are posing a major threat to your entire garden.
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