For people who are just beginning to have gardening as their hobby, it can be a slightly daunting prospect as to what they should start planting first. Plants all have different procedures which carefully need to be followed when planting and growing them, and often this complexity can dissuade newbie gardeners from pursuing their interests in gardening. This shouldn’t have to happen to anyone. Gardening is a vast field, and can mutate itself according to the needs and level of expertise of the gardener. If you’re not certain that you can take good care of plants which are delicate and need timely and exquisite handling, then you can easily opt for plants which are sturdy, and don’t require much attention. These plants look pretty much just as good as delicate plants if your aim is to have a picturesque garden, and if your main priority is to grow healthy food, you still have plenty of rugged plant options to choose from.

Flowers which are easy to grow


Marigold is a flower which is extremely resilient and has a strong will to survive, unlike some other delicate species of flowers. This flower, from personal experience, is one tough nut to crack. Even at the point where its petals were falling off and it was losing its color, one watering session brought it right back to life in less than half an hour, with its rich golden yellow color restored and its stem looking nice and thick. This flower makes a great addition to any garden for its amazing beauty, and makes the perfect candidate for people looking for easy to grow plants in their garden.


Sunflowers might not be as elegant as some of the smaller kinds of flowers, but they are definitely easy to grow. Even kids could grow this plant, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Simply make sure that the area where they are growing is receiving enough sunlight throughout the day and water them frequently, and they’ll doubtlessly grow straight up. For an added effect, you can provide support to the plants stems to help them grow nice and tall.

Vegetables which are easy to grow


 If you didn’t get to grow potatoes as a school project in your childhood, you really missed out on a lot. Don’t worry, though; here’s another chance for you to make an attempt. Growing potatoes is so easy that it’s almost more difficult to go wrong that it is to successfully grow them. Just plant them in loose soil, and water them lightly and frequently. They’ll soon start multiplying. You’ll be able to make French fries with your own home grown potatoes!













Salad leaves


Salad leaves are another specimen which is ridiculously easy to grow. Most salad leaves are really strong, and can grow like weeds. Just scatter their seeds into spaded soil and sprinkle them with water regularly. Once they’ve reached a certain size, they’ll be able to keep growing without much assistance from your side.

Try out these easy to grow plants. Once you’ve had some experience with gardening and boosted your confidence, you’ll be able to advance to more delicate plants and introduce a larger variety of plants to your garden.