Take advantage of your passion for gardening to earn extra money

Thanks to the capitalist world in which we live, money is an inevitable necessity, no matter how much we deny it. And I would dare to say that in all countries the same thing happens, although of course, there are… Continue Reading →


The house is not the only one to be entitled to its share of decoration! What do you do with your garden? It is true that the garden itself with its pretty flowers and shimmering colors is already a sign… Continue Reading →

Letting of stress by attending to the garden

With the return, we forget very quickly the good habits taken during the marriage and we let ourselves again easily submerge by stress of divorce process Leeds. We have listed for you 5 activities with very high de-stressing power. Sport… Continue Reading →

Downsizing To A Smaller Garden Post Separation

Downsizing To A Smaller Garden Post Separation You can comprise your garden from large size into small size based on your aspiration at your home. You can create the beautiful garden with organic vegetables in your smaller garden. You can… Continue Reading →

London Mediation for Families to Resolve

London Mediation for Families to Resolve Mediation is a tool that helps in solving intense conflicts leaving behind satisfaction and calm among parties. Rather than arbitration, we can better call it a negotiation. It is an informal process. When two… Continue Reading →

Mediating over garden issues for home owners

Mediating over garden issues for home owners How to deal with overhanging branches If you are a homeowner, with a garden, you have might have experienced a neighbour’s tree overhanging into your garden and it is probably a nuisance. You… Continue Reading →

Factors to Consider when Choosing an Electric Fireplace

Space Savers!  For those who live in an apartment or condo, having a standard fireplace just isn’t realistic. If you have about 6-10 inches to spare on your wall, it is likely that an electric fireplace would suit your space…. Continue Reading →

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