Mediating over garden issues for home owners

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How to deal with overhanging branches
If you are a homeowner, with a garden, you have might have experienced a neighbour’s tree overhanging into your garden and it is probably a nuisance. You need to know your rights and know how to do it before you go ahead with the removal of the overhanging branch. The problems you might face with the overhanging branch are fruit droppings, roots damaging property and blocked sunlight. The best thing to do is talk to the tree or neighbour about the issue to make it less of a hassle. You can cut the tree to the point where it lines up with the edge of the property, however, you must return the cut tree and any fruits on it as it is the tree owners property.

Weed removal and control
In your garden you may and probably will have weeds lying in various places. There are many mediation services you should try to lower this amount. The mediation service is to water only the plants and not the weeds. This takes me onto my next point, that you should let the weeds die out as the seeds which are under the soil while being able to see sunlight, therefore, creating more weeds and enhancing your problem. You should also follow the rule of “Pull when wet; hoe when dry”.

If you are unable to do these, you can resort to simply taking off the weeds head. This will save you having to do the same again for a couple of weeks, and also stops reseeding of the weeds. You can use things such as string trimmer or a pruning loopers to take down individual weeds or a colony of weeds.

If you leave little space between plants it will eliminate the chance for weeds to appear in these tight space areas. For this to be done you should plant the plants so that when they are fully grown they are extremely close, almost touching.

Removal of a beehive
Beehives are not very common but can be a real nuisance and can cause harm to children who venture in the garden. The mediation service that can deal with this irritating issue is to use insecticide on the outside of the beehive. A fraction of the bees will die, so you have to spray it on the outside at least another three times to eliminate all the pollinating insects. After this, remove and dispose of the beehive to stop other bees from migrating and inhabiting the beehive.

Eliminating vines
Some vines are quite glamorous and can be beautiful up the wall of your house, such as the clematis vines, while others can be real pests. These annoying pests decide to invade your land and trees which blocks out the sunlight from reaching your house. When removing these vines use gloves and also, cut off the stem 4 to 6 inches above the floor. In the last resort, you can use a pesticide which should kill all the vines, but if it rains it will prevent this.

if issues still remian and cant be resolved then call a professional Mediation service London to help you