Space Savers!

 For those who live in an apartment or condo, having a standard fireplace just isn’t realistic. If you have about 6-10 inches to spare on your wall, it is likely that an electric fireplace would suit your space. You can also opt for models that stand on the floor if you don’t want to mount anything onto your wall. The best part is, if you know you have an upcoming move in the future, you can easily bring it with you! This makes for a very cost-effective purchase. Even if you do not plan on moving anytime soon, you can move the fireplace from room to room, wherever you need heating most.

 Sleek and Modern

Are you planning a Home Renovation? Looking for ways to heat your loft? Why not consid adding an electric fireplacebecause these fireplaces are so compact, they will not be a distraction in your room. Many of the units available for purchase are extremely modern and work well with a variety of different decor themes. Having an electric fireplace in your home is a great way to add not only warmth, but also ambiance and character into the room.

 No Live Flames

 Regardless of the time of year, you will be able to use your fireplace without the risk of any fire danger because there are no real flames. While some units come with a realistic flame effect, you won’t have to worry about sparks potentially jumping and causing safety issues. They are so easy to use that a majority of them have remote controls. You can adjust the fireplace from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Keep in mind that electric fireplaces are a nice option, but they are not meant to be the main source of heating in your space.


Easy to Install 

One of the most beneficial features of the best electric fireplace is the ease of installation. Most of them come ready to use, simply unbox and plug into your outlet. You will not need to hire a professional or spend a lot of money to mount it onto your wall. This can be as easy as hanging a mirror or a picture frame, with general tools that you already have in your tool box. Some of them come with the option to house them in shelving units or tv stands. This will provide a nice and put together look for your room.

 No Chimneys or Gas Lines 

Having a fireplace does not necessarily mean having a chimney as well. For most, that is just not a realistic option, especially if you are living in a rented space such an apartment. There are no complex gas lines, either. The only thing that you must have readily available is an outlet to plug in the fireplace. Many people like electric fireplaces because of this, and the simplicity involved. It is a modern day take on an old time feature. 

Potential Down Sides

 Choosing an electric fireplace comes with the inevitable – a higher electric bill. While most of them are super efficient, you must budget not only the cost of your unit but the small increase in your bill as well. Another feature that some people may not be fond of is that the flames look fake. While this is a very small factor that can be overlooked, if you want something that looks more realistic, you need to opt for a wood burning stove or pellet stove. If there is a power outage, your electric fireplace is obviously going to be of no use. This is another small factor to consider when making your purchase. As previously stated, these fireplaces are meant more for ambiance than true practicality.