Having gardening as your hobby while living in areas which suffer from the lack of water can be extremely aggravating. Governments frequently issue bans on watering plants, which results in your plants dying out repeatedly. Small amounts of water in addition to a scorching summer sun are enough for most plants to wither and die. However, there are quite a few species of plants which don’t die in these conditions, making them perfect for the conditions that you’re living in.

If you aren’t living in harsh and dry weather conditions, but are simply fascinated by plants which can thrive while dealing with a shortage of water, then this article is for you too. Anyone who basically wants to know about plants which can easily survive while receiving small quantities of water should read on.

Types of plants which you can grow



The first picture which comes to mind when we think of plants which can survive in droughts is of hard and rugged cacti with thorns all over them standing firmly in the desert. The Bougainvillea is absolutely nothing like that. This plant is pretty much gorgeous to look at, and has a bright purple color to it. It can really brighten up your place, and is really stubborn when it comes to dry conditions, and can survive easily unless the drought becomes too serious, in which case your garden plants may not remain your first priority. This plant is great for all sorts of gardens due it the fact that it is really easy to grow. However, for people living in areas with less water, this plant should be first on the list.



Much like the Bougainvillea, the Portulaca is an absolutely stunning plant. The plant comes in the shape of brightly colored flowers which are reminiscent of the ones which bloom during the spring season. These plants can cope with dry weather due to their leaves, which can store water in them. This plant requires warm weather to survive, so if you’re living in a cold area, then you may want to skip this one.


We had to include Lavender in the list. Its tolerance to heat and drought make it compatible to this list, but its looks and attractive color scheme make it a recommendation. This flower is a jo to look at, and it actually water intolerant, meaning that an excessive water supply will do more harm than good to this plant. This makes it perfect for anyone living in a drought.


Finally, the plant we were all waiting for. Cacti are iconic for their ability to survive in dry conditions. In fact, they can survive in conditions where almost no other living thing can go through. To many people, cacti are appealing in terms of looks, and to others, not so much. The thorns don’t exactly tickle when they come in contact with the skin, but a lot of people are willing to live with that. It’s a matter of personal preference, really.

Don’t let dry conditions dissuade you from having a beautiful garden. In addition to this list, there are numerous other plants which do well in droughts, so keep gardening and don’t give up on your hobby!